Real Masai Safari is owned by a highly experienced Masai Safari tour operator Nelson Ole Reiyia and Australian Wildlife lover & photographer Dan Galati. They are both extremely passionate about the African wildlife and it’s future. Our safari guides are fellow Masai and rightful owners of this land. Their knowledge of the Masai mara and its wildlife is unparalleled.

We strongly support the wildlife conservation and Masai Community initiatives. We have donated a percentage of profits back into education for the local kids. in 2014, through fundraising and our own funds we completed construction of Oldarpoi school which now educates 60 local children.

Our ultimate endeavour is to provide our customers with an unforgettable Kenya safari adventure. Your safari bookings directly helps us achieve and build on our important conservation & humanitarian goals. The Improving of education and living standards for the Masai children and also the direct involvement of local communities through village tours. Nelson’s new Nashulai Conservancy adjoining Masai mara, also directly involves the local communities through the leasing of their Maasai lands. Nelson’s fund raising efforts have enabled the conservancy to be formed in 2016. Funds collected by the conservancy from visiting tourists are used to help pay local land owners for the exclusive use of these lands. Such initiatives will help mould & influence the future of the declining wildlife in the Masai region and help contribute to the survival of the fragile ecosystem and important wildlife corridors.